18.9. – 6.10.2013

Avajaiset      ti                                    klo       17 – 19
Vernissage   tis          17.9.13            kl         17 – 19
Opening        Tue                                 at         5 – 7 p.m.


“ANTIDOTE is a series of exhibitions and events of critical art. From Aalto University and elsewhere. Curated by Teemu Mäki and others.”

The seventh ANTIDOTE exhibition is scheduled to be shown at Gallery Jangva 18.9. – 6.10.2013 and it focuses on collective painting. Collective painting is something that I have been conducting in workshops since 2003, usually in museums or universities. During the last four years mostly in Aalto University Department of Art, in a course called Contemporary Art Workshop: Collective Painting. The exhibition in Jangva showcases a few of those works and also a work I made 2012 in Dakar as a part of Dakar Biennale, with Senegalese artists and art students.

The aim of this exhibition is to show that painting can be a valid form of critical art. This fact needs to be emphasized again and again, because even though painting 
 is generally accepted as a significant part of contemporary art – no one is talking about the end or death of painting – it is not usually perceived to be a significant form of critical art. Instead, the focus is on painting’s purely aesthetic potential and on its role as the basic, harmless currency of the commercial art market. We try to prove that there’s more to painting than that.

Teemu Mäki


Participating Artists:

Anniina Ala-Ruona
Niina Cochran
Aleksandra Farazin
Mathias Hartmann
Yu-Wen Huang
Sampsa Indrén
Asao Kodama
Claire Mirocha
Nicodem Natrang
Maria Petrova
Bakary Sarr
Kiila Sarr
Thierno Seck
Mady Sima
Mouhamadou Bamba Toure
Janne Vasama




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